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H.I.D. Solution Perhaps for Canadian Owners with DRL

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With all the discussion in regards to DRL in Canada, I’m guessing that a solution would be a conversion kit that utilizes a HID low beam bulb/ Halogen High beam.

Would that solve the problem of flicker, loss of high beam etc… ?

If that is indeed the case I have run across a link to a site that sells just such a conversion.

Perhaps this might be the solution that everyone in Canada has been looking for…

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Sorry I never emailed you back.

I have a friend of mine who has installed this said kit on a similiar car and has told me he has had multiple problem with it.

1) the high beam burnt out within 30 days of use and there was no way to replace it without replacing the entire unit

2) That his drl would flash randomly and then they would be ok for a while.

3) He attributed to them burning out very early because of the fluctuation in power being sent to them.

Very few companies are selling this type of hid kit because of the problems associated with it.

I know our canadian friends needs a solution and hopefully in another few weeks they shall have one!


Thanks for the update… This just solidifies why this forum exists, saved me finding out the hard way… thanks again for the reply...
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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