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Happy nitro owner

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drove nitro r/t three weeks ago in Fl nice,quick but didn,t like having to use mid grade fuel and price to replace 20 inch tires. Had a Saturn Vue Red Line,also quick,had 20 inch rims ,tires cost a fortune to replace.Traded Vue for nitro slt,sunroof,6 c/d changer,8 amp. speakers.stone white,GREAT RIDE
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Welcome to the forum! Post some pics when you get a chance!
Yes, please post them pics!!!!!!!!! Oh, welcome!:Racing:
Welcome to the site enjoy your new ride.:wave:
Congrats on your SLT! Would you mind writing a little more about the performance differences between the Vue Redline and the R/T. I've always liked the look of the Redlline. Thanks.
jbnitro again-response to performance between vue red line and r/t. my vue red line had a Honda drive train(V-6 250 hp) R/T I think has 260 hp.R/t a bit faster off the line,but I think the red line would catch and pass to a point.Just my own thought.Nitro I think is a more solid ride then the red line.HAVE A GREAT DAY
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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