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hard shifting into 2nd

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Just got mine a week ago have 500ml on it . From the start it shifted hard into 2nd if you get on it a little bit at around 3000 3200 rpm . And i just feal a general lack in power . Under certain situations if you hit the gas it winds out and takes a few seconds to level off kick down and start picking up speed ? Anyone have or heard of similare problems or is it just charicktristick of the truck ?
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Hey Anthony, It seems to depend on what revs you're at when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Most times mine will shift so smoothly you can't feel it, but when you accelerate a little harder the transition can be, to say the least, 'harsh'.
This isn't the best transmission I've had and only time will tell if it will last.
As for the lack of power I haven't really noticed it but I will keep a mental note to look out for it.
i quess only time will tell . Feel a little better with the Lifetime powertrain warenty. thanks for the info .
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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