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hard shifting into 2nd

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Just got mine a week ago have 500ml on it . From the start it shifted hard into 2nd if you get on it a little bit at around 3000 3200 rpm . And i just feal a general lack in power . Under certain situations if you hit the gas it winds out and takes a few seconds to level off kick down and start picking up speed ? Anyone have or heard of similare problems or is it just charicktristick of the truck ?
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I got my Nitro in Jan and had no problems until May,they did the recalls and modification to engine, now it's terrible terrible terrible and gets worse. Now I have Esp, brake problems like crazy(fish tails around like crazy on curves.) Seems they try to fix the Shifting,clunking,bogging and it messes up brakes. I stay "frustrated"! I got mad and told SM if they couldn't fix it, I would just take it to someone "who doesn't work for Chrysler" to see if they could. He warned me that they have it programed (TC locks up toooo early and leaves me driving around in 4thOD all the time) to do so to prevent something worse from happening. I don't know..what could be worse, it gets stuck in gear,it lugs down so badly I can't increase speed, then when it does increase it trys to take off like a bat outta hell, then the freaking brakes want to come on and engine bogs down. What could be worse, what? the engine could blow up or something???, well that would be a blessing in disguise at this point. Damn this Nitro. (it's in the shop, AGAIN!
they had it for 2 weeks trying to fix "wind noise" which supposedly they couldn't so now they wanted it back so they could replace windshield, I guess that'll take another 2 weeks. Sorry guys, I'm in a "MOOOOOD" today!
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