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I have found that if I have to make a hard stop the front end of my R/T dips allot, way more than my Charger, Jeep Wangler, Ram 1500 4x4 or my Ram 2500 4x4. Someone told me to replace the shocks, but from what I know that will not help.
Question, has anyone else had this happen to them and is there a fix for this?

Thanks for taking the time.

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Hey Ramman, yep that's the way the Nitro is I'm afraid. Mine is the same, the front end is very soft, you'll notice this on a undulating road at speed, you can feel the front end bouncing. Replacing the springs would help but I don't know if you can get stiffer ones for the Nitro.

Below is a quote about the Nitro's weak points.

Ride stiff and snappy; front end can become "buoyant" on the highway.

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