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Has anybody tried "Turbomag" Fuel Saver?

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I saw this on ebay:

Is it just crap and foolishness? Anybody tried this specifically, or anything like it? And just how hard is the fuel line to get to on the Nitro?
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Is it just crap and foolishness? Anybody tried this specifically, or anything like it? And just how hard is the fuel line to get to on the Nitro?
Yes it's just crap, Never tried it and never will. The fuel line is in the engine bay, that is the easiest place to get to it, unless you wanna crawl under the Nitro.

These things are just gimmicks that make people waste money. :shakehead:
Yeah...that's the impression I get from general searches online. But then I scan the ebayer's feedback, and there seem to be many satisfied customers - on the product itself, not just the transaction. Since those people are independent - not made up "testimonials" or whatever...well, it just confuses the issue more. Thanks for your advice!
I bet there there are a lot of $8.00 loosers out there.
I would not do it, Its like if these things really were a magic bullit would not the people who make the vechiles put them on to brag about what great mpg's they get.
Magnets & vortex tornados are the equivalent Snake Oil.......

Definately - [SIZE=-1]Caveat Emptor[/SIZE]
Brilliant! $8.00 saved, for which to spend on something else for my Nitro...
Notice that he states it will take "2-4 tanks" before you see results.

My questions:

"If it's modifying the fuel 'molecules', why doesn't it do it on the first tank???"

"2-4 tanks....doesn't that take about 30 days to go through on most vehicles? Thus voiding any returns?"

Ok, sarcasm aside, you can clearly see that it is only a couple of magnets. Easily had at any local hardware store.

At least has some decent ideas for saving fuel and isn't trying to sell you anything.
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good idea but probably not enough to help on mileage

I remember back from college days, that large pipeline companies actually use a large arrangement of magnets around gas pipelines to help with flow, and prevent parafin buildup. They showed pictures with dramatic changes to the effect of parafins in oil/gas pipelines. However, I (not being an expert of course) do not believe that the wonderful claims will ring true either. What I do think, is that you could possibly see some kind of overall improvement in engine life. I'm only guessing though.

If you want to try the idea, watch Harbor Freight. They put them on for like $3 each every once in a while.:thk:
Fuel Line

Would anyone be able to actually post a picture of the Fuel Intake line on a 3.7L V6 though. My friends have a debate going on about this same issue. I figure we'll use my Nitro to test it out. The problem is i'm a complete and total noob when it comes to cars and i wouldn't even begin to know where to look for it. Gimme a computer to hack any day:chuckle:.
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Check this thread. First post, #7.
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