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Has anyone installed a remote start yet?

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Anyone here install a remote start themselves yet? Just trying to figure out how hard it is to do. Or has anyone had an aftermarket remote start or alarm installed yet and how well does it work with the Nitros?
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I can tell you that it would be extremely hard. Saturday I went to get the Viper 771XV installed on my Nitro at Quality Auto Sound here in Denver. It is going to take their top installer a full day on Tuesday for the install. I'm not going to even attempt doing something like this myself.
remote start

I had a factory remote start installed at the dealership, first start it didn't function properly, after the standard 15 minute time out it likes to restart and shutdown every five seconds forever,brought the problem up to the service department and the reply was they recalled all the remote starts. last contact was that they are working on it. The remote start wasn't installed on the vehicle at the factory which appears to be the problem .I'm just chiming in my two cents the install can't be easy.
Not easy... you need three bypasses... the third one needs to be SL v2.0 which came out about a week or two ago. If you do not use the SL 2.0 all your doors will not open with the unlock control...

I have a Clifford 50.5 (1 mile range) - I work at Ultimate Electronics in Minnesota and with my discount (which is half off install) the install came to about $450.
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