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Heated seats

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For those who have heated seats, I was wondering if you've experienced this.

I've noticed this many times. I start my Nitro on a cold morning and immediately switch on the heated seats to HIGH (two lights on the button). It takes about 5-10 minutes before you can actually feel some warmth in the seat (this is normal depending on how cold the seat is). After driving a few miles, the seat is comfortably warm. I make a quick 1-2 minute stop, turning off the engine. I get back in the car, start the engine, and switch on the heated seat to HIGH again (the seat is slightly warm). What happens is the seat suddenly feels too hot, almost unbearingly hot and I need to switch to LOW. I wondered why the seat was too hot when just 3 minutes ago before I stopped, the seat temp was just right. I assumed that when I turn on the heated seats, it would go back to the right temp.

I reported this incident and an engineer explained to me that when you first turn on the heated seats to HIGH, the heating element goes into high heat mode for the 1st 4 minutes. Then it lowers the heat temp after certain intervals until it gets to the right temp. When you re-start your car and turn on the heated seats, it goes back into high heat mode again for the 1st 4 minutes. That's why it feels so hot. The engineer said there's nothing they can do right now. The only solution is to manually switch to LOW mode when that happens.
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