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heating controls

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Are there any t.s.b's concerning heat ? too much seems to come from a/c vents no matter where its really directed.
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Presently there is no TSB's concern HVAC operation. If I'm understanding your concern correctly, you are saying that no matter what mode you select (floor, floor/panel, panel, floor/defrost) you still have airflow at the panel when it is not selected?
Airflow is always more powerful in selected mode but a lighter flow still comes froma/c ducts
First I would recommend you visiting your dealer to have your concern diagnosed. However it is possible for the dealer to perform an HVAC calibration of the mode doors. When this is performed the mode doors are cycled through their entire span and the HVAC module relearns door positions. This may however not correct the problem you are experiencing, but is a quick diagnostic procedure easily performed with the StarSCAN. Hope this helps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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