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Hello all and a question on fog lights

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Newbie here, picked up a orange sxt last week, I traded a 03 Honda element ( I never had a problem in 35k mi but a drive in the Nitro sold me) and have 450mi on it now I took a 200mi trip on the NY state thruway and love the 3.7 ,the lack of wind noise and didn't miss the Honda's being pushed allover the road in the wind) no major problems just a few rattles like one from the hood area at idle in drive and stopped , I have checked around and thought I had it when I found a loose rubber hood seal hanging but the noise is still there. But I did want to know if anyone has put on fog lights, if they Had cut out the bumper or as I was thinking to mount them under the bumper in front of the radiator, trans, cooler. Thanks looks like a good forum.
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Congrats on your recent purchase, and welcome to the forum. We think it is a special place where your new friends will share in the joy of your new Nitro. Look around and enjoy the site.:wavey:
I'm putting in fog lights this weekend. You have to do some cutting.
are you taking off the bumper?
No- I'm taking a wire saw and cutting the plastic sleeves where the fog lights are supposed to go. I'm cutting just in front of the plastic bars in the sleeves.
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