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hello all. i got questions

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thinkin of trading in my leased Jeep Rubicon 06' for a Nitro RT. the dealer let me have it for the weekend while they work the financial aspects to see the best deal is for me. it's a white rt loaded. my question is what are the best OTD prices some of you got? the sticker on it is $34K so i am just tryin to make sure i dont get burnt.

thanks much guys and so far i have put 50 miles on her and i like it a lot.

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Good to have you join, The R/T is a real nice ride I wish I could have gotten one. I am sure someone will have some ideas for you on the financial end, Good Luck with a deal , take it out and have fun over the weekend! :Racing:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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