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Hello Everyone

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Hey, I just found this site, you guys rock. Got myself a Nitro not to long ago. Bright silver, 4x4, SXT. Can't wait to see what's all happening here!!:)
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hey bym, come to texas and fix my and you can be new best friends....welcome, congrats and have fun!!!
Hey thanks guys!! Meangirl......hope you're not too mean. So how come your Nitro needs fixing, what's wrong with it? Brand new vehicle there shouldn't be anything wrong. Ya Right!! lol!!
go look at the service rant....that is what has been going on, prob'ly would have gotten resolved had I gone to the dealership I purchased from instead of the one across the interstate. I got mine in new but not brand new....and I am an ocd neat freak and want everything right....I should just take meds and walk around with a smile on my face
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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