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Hello from Basel, Switzerland

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Hi all

A big hello to all Nitro Owners out there.....

I own a 08 Nitro 2,8 CRD SXT Auto.... In Europe the SLT are SXT's, don't know why they changed the labeling.... Maybe SXT sounds more expensive than SLT:chuckle: anyway.... I love tha car. We owned a Chrysler Voyager for 15 Years which was modified with engine mods, Suspension, Wheels and many other mods. As it was a 1993 Voyager and made almost 300'000km it was time to get a new one.

Here it is:

Some Pics of my old Voyager:

I think its clear what to do with the Nitro :cool:
I Also own some Italian cars .> Alfa Romeo
I got a 75/Milano 3.0 for Race use (street legal), Alfetta 2.0 and Alfa Sud 1,5 Sprint Veloce.

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Hello and welcome!:wavey:
Happy to have you join us! Hope you get much out of the board and many happy returns!
I hope you don't do striping like the Voyager on your beautiful Nitro, get some flames!!
Flames??? It isn't the 70's any more!!!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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