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Hello from Ruffs Dale, PA

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Bought my wife an '07 R/T 4X4 - inferno red for Christmas. Now I have a great ride and a great wife!

Almost zero Nitros on the road in southwest PA. They were definately not marketed well here. Guess that makes it kinda rare cause it sure turns alot of heads:smileup:. Most people around here haven't even heard of them.

Glad to be part of the forum and have a chance to talk to other folks with great taste in autos!!!

2007 Nitro R/T 4x4
Inferno Red
Factory Running Boards
Premium Sound 6 Disc Cd/dvd/mp3 W/sirius Sat.
Heated Leather
Remote Start
Tow Package
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Welcome redram09 I live 10 min: from Wash. DC. And took my ram truck in for service, brought a Nitro home and told my wife look what followed me home. I never had seen one before. We are 2nd or 3rd in the most trafic in the country. And I drive 94 miles 5 days aweek to work. may go all week not see any. (I'm not alowed to go to the dealers anymore for service. I have to take it to a garrage)
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