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Hello from Texas!!

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Hello all
just thought i would check in and say Hello and im new to all of this so can anyone tell me where to post a question about the u-connect.?
My husband and i thought it was already on the car but when we got it home the other night he tried to set it up with my phone and it keeps saying not available??
I thought i would ask around (my husband just wants to go and slap the saleman around:(
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Hey thanks i see your in longveiw we are at lake palistine coooolll!!!
just south of tyler.
we bought the nitro in tyler (dont know if i can say the name of the dealer)
he said to ask you if you think we can go back and see if they will put it on since the salesman lead us to believe it was already there?
or will they chargw us for it?
If he told you it was on there, he better NOT charge you for it!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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