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I just thought that I'd say hello. I recently test drove a 2007 R/T and I think I've fallen in love! :eek: I don't own a Nitro yet... but that will probably change once the 2008 models are available!
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Hey Ladybug, enjoy your Nitro and just remember to let your huband/boyfriend/whoever enjoy it as well....:wave:
Welcome Ladybug. If you want an '08 R/T, you may want to think about ordering exactly what you want. You should be able to make an order in about a month, though they will not start building them until August. This fall, black will be a metallic pearl like the rest of the paint colors, and they will be adding a Modern Blue Pearl that will also be available on the R/T. Now is the time to start thinking about options so the decision will be easier later. Chrysler is streamlining option packages this fall so there will be a lot fewer option choices and you will not be able to order so many options separately. They will be grouped together, so you may have to select something you don't really care about to get the ones you really want. Good luck getting your R/T.
I am waiting for the '08 specifically for the black metallic pearl color... LOVE it!! I have heard about the packages being more grouped this year. Hopefully I'll still be able to get what I want without have to get too much of what I don't want. :)
Dont wait to long ladybug. My wife and i just ordered ours (my gift to her for being gone 8+ months a year with work). We put in an order for an '08 RT 4x4 in orange, and it wont be ready for pickup until September (4 months)! We just hope it will be worth the wait.
It will DEFF be worth the wait!!!
i ordered my *2007* nitro a couple weeks ago and it should be coming in about 6-8 weeks according to my dealer so that's about the August timeframe (or July if i'm lucky! :) ). I didn't even know the 2008 was even orderable!

Does anyone know if the 2008 model will look different at all? or if the options are all different? I am not changing my order of course for my 2007 R/T with just about ALL options (almost all, but not quite... no sun roof and no smoker's package). I haven't seen ANY pictures on 2008 Nitro or even reviews for that matter.
I've heard that the option packages are more condensed for 2008 meaning that if you want a specific option you may have to get it in a package with other stuff that you might not have wanted. I pretty much want it all so it doesn't matter to me. I'm holding out for the '08 because I want the metallic black paint! :D
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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