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I just thought that I'd say hello. I recently test drove a 2007 R/T and I think I've fallen in love! :eek: I don't own a Nitro yet... but that will probably change once the 2008 models are available!
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Dont wait to long ladybug. My wife and i just ordered ours (my gift to her for being gone 8+ months a year with work). We put in an order for an '08 RT 4x4 in orange, and it wont be ready for pickup until September (4 months)! We just hope it will be worth the wait.
The '08's just became available for order in may according to our sales man in England (Military car sales). The packages have changed a little from my understanding though. For example we purchased the U Connect, but now that comes with other things such as remote start. We stopped in to order an '07, but were offered an '08 at the same price, so we figured what the heck, and went for the '08. Hopefully they got some of the issues worked out in '08. As for the body style, i dont know if they changed anything. I hope it stays pretty much the same though, my wife and i both love the '07!! Now comes the long wait until Sept....
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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