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Help Me Out Here....

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I have been away from the forum too long, and did a search, but didn't find much in the way of explanations...

What are the following: Freegig, Bluegig and Allgig, and how do they interact with the MyGig radio.

Also, how many different MyGig radio's are there? The RER is MyGig with nav and REN is MyGig without? And not all RER's fit the Nitro?

I am looking to put in a MyGig into my Nitro, and I'm trying to sort all this out. Thanks ahead for all the help guys!
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I also plan to do the FreeGig, not so much for the DVD playback while driiving, but for Navigation changes while driving.

Can you give an example of this? The reason I ask is that I occasionally change the nav options while I'm driving, sometimes via UConnect, sometimes via the touch screen. I've never run into anything I want the nav to do that it can't already do while I'm driving.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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