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Help! My Nitro Is Possessed!

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My 2009 Dodge Nitro seems to be haunted!
I started the car yesterday and the headlights and wipers came on and won’t turn off.
Turn signals and high beam doesn’t work either.
Is my car haunted with gremlins left over from Halloween?
Any ideas as to the fix?
I see no recalls on the 2009 4x4 R/T.
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Yeah that was definitely a bad ground. your temp gauge on your dash; is the needle moving to the middle or is it staying on the cold side? Does it seem like it takes little long for it to warm up?
I'm going to say that bad ground at the battery caused the sensor to read incorrectly and threw the code. Of it does come back then your thermostat is probably stuck open but if that was the case then it should be staying cold.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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