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Here's my saga relating to the cancelling of RT's

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Kinda ties to this thread:

Ordered our Nitro in the second week of April to beat the deadline.
Orange RT with all options except leather.
Throughout April, our salesman would not get back to us regarding status.
Something seemed fishy here so we pushed the issue.
He got back to us May 2 stating that all remaining orders were cancelled by head office for RT's for 2007 model year.
He then called us on the May3 to tell us to "leave it with him".
He then called on May 4 (my birthday) to tell us that he "pulled a few strings" and had our order re-entered and pushed through with a build date of May 29.

Now the dilema . . . Unless we can sell our Honda Odyssey by then, it was all for nought.
We can't afford to sit on 3 vehicles and the Honda is too new (with warranty) and too good a shape to take a financial beating on.
Let's hope the AutoTrader yields some results . . .
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Picking up my R/T this Monday. That'll make 2 black R/Ts in Toronto I know of!
Proud parents I must say!
Very nice. You'll love driving it. It's nimble in town... and a good highway cruiser. You get a lot of BANG:4-jump2:for your buck with a NITRO!
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