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After about 1800 miles i am starting to notice a hesitation when i am cruising at slow speeds and request it to move faster. last nite going up a hill i slowed down felt like it idled down and then hestitated when i requested it to move. This is new. I ahve no problems so far with my baby and am wondering what it could be.
any ideas guys/gals?

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I have almost 5,000 miles on my R/T now and thought I might have felt the same "hesitation" you have mentioned. It is very slight, so it is hard to describe and may be nothing serious. I am sure I have felt worse with other vehicles that have automatic transmissions (which is one of the reasons I would have preferred a manual 6 speed, if it were available for the R/T).

It won't be an issue when I RIP the V6 out of my R/T and replace it with a real HEMI and a real Manual Transmission in my Nitro (just kidding, or dreaming) :D
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