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Hi! from Cairns Australia

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Hi all

I am Nikki from Cairns Australia. I just picked up my new black SXT on Monday (after having it on order for a couple of months) but certainly worth the wait.

I do have a question I would like to ask but not sure whether to post it here or somewhere else. It came with the 20 inch rims and I had another set put on today (a set of Dropstars) and the wheel fitters said that they didn't refit the tyre pressure sensors as they wouldn't fit the new rims. Now the warning light continuously is on in the instrument panel and every 10 minutes the low pressure bar keeps coming up in the evic. can anyone offer me some advise on this?

muchly appreciated. :Racing:
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Welcome to the forum Nikki! Always glad to see new members from Australia! Post some pics of your new Nitro, we would all love to see them! Hope you get the answers to your questions here. Have a look at this thread and see if it helps:
glad to hear your news FNQPride! Now you can enjoy your drive even more!
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