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HID's installed - Bi-Xenon 6000K

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Whats up everybody? Its been a while since i posted a thread but 2 weeks ago i ordered 2 HID kits for my Headlamps & Fog Lamps. I was just sick and tired of the silver star bull**** bulbs i bought, it just wasn't doing it for me.

The Headlight kit installed with no problem. The Nitro has 2 perfect locations to mount the ballast right to the wheelhouse which leaves enough room for everything to fit just right. Installation took me a good hour & a half. I will post pics once i finish the fog lamps because they do have an issue.

The relay for our fog lamps doesn;t have enough power. Right when i hooked up the HID kit to the fogs they turn on for a sec and then shutdown right after. So hopefully tonight i will have time to put in a 40amp relay, rewire everything and see if that will keep those bad boys on.

Hopefully tonight i will get them installed and then i will take pics and post them right away.

:pepper: :pepper: :pepper:
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How do the Bi-Xenon's work?

Do you have the type that moves the bulb up or down or are there actually two bulbs in the kit, one for low beams and the other for high beams?

Can't wait to get a kit for my R/T.
Installation details?

I have the type that moves the bulb up and down.

Last night i did install the HID's on the fog lamps and they look sick - I will post pics either today or tomorrow:ura1:
I am wondering how difficult the installation of the kit is and curious how the stock bulb socket is changed into a socket that allows the bulb to move?

Is this type of high/low beam light from an aftermarket company reliable and sturdy - long lasting without trouble from road vibration etc.

I really want to get HID on my Nitro R/T soon, but don't want trouble and regret the purchase a few months down the road. I have the money to get a kit, so now it is just a matter of finding the right ones for both headlights and fog lamps, like you have done. So, if you don't mind, please post what brand kits you purchased, from where and the total cost for everything.

Also please give us any installation tips, do's and don't's to look out for.

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