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HID's installed - Bi-Xenon 6000K

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Whats up everybody? Its been a while since i posted a thread but 2 weeks ago i ordered 2 HID kits for my Headlamps & Fog Lamps. I was just sick and tired of the silver star bull**** bulbs i bought, it just wasn't doing it for me.

The Headlight kit installed with no problem. The Nitro has 2 perfect locations to mount the ballast right to the wheelhouse which leaves enough room for everything to fit just right. Installation took me a good hour & a half. I will post pics once i finish the fog lamps because they do have an issue.

The relay for our fog lamps doesn;t have enough power. Right when i hooked up the HID kit to the fogs they turn on for a sec and then shutdown right after. So hopefully tonight i will have time to put in a 40amp relay, rewire everything and see if that will keep those bad boys on.

Hopefully tonight i will get them installed and then i will take pics and post them right away.

:pepper: :pepper: :pepper:
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from my local supplier here in Australia, they are about 270 AUD
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