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i just installed HID's last night, the 12,000k from golden eye and they look pretty awesome. the one thing i was wondering is if you can take out that little reflector in the middle of the head light so all you would see is the bulb and make it even brighter....
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I just had a look at my lights. I see the reflector you're talking about. Removing that would have an adverse effect on your headlights. The light from the bulb is reflected back of that reflector onto the angular faces of the headlight back and then forward onto the road. Removing it might make the lights brighter but then the light would be lost as is wouldn't be focused on where you're going.
To try it, park in front of a garage door or something similar. Try the lights with and without the reflector. I'm sure you'll find without it in you will have no focus on the road at all.
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