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Hitch with bumper-depth receiver?

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Has anyone seen a "hidden" style hitch for the Nitro with a receiver assembly that is flush with the rear bumper? I was looking at the photos posted by lilsalmon and AirJunky (here) and it looks like both the factory and the Hidden-Hitch layouts have the receiver protruding a good bit beyond the bumper.

I've whacked my shins on the hitch ball on other trucks about a million times, and to me that's really the primary advantage of a receiver setup in the first place -- not having something to bump into when you're loading and unloading the back.
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Yea, the stock reciever sticks out a bit under 2 inches past the bumper.
It would be interesting to see a reciever plug with a faceplate painted the same color of the bumper similar to some of the new GM SUVs.
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