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Hello everyone!

I am a Puertorican living in El Paso, TX (long story)! I just bought a '07 Dodge Nitro R/T V6 4.0 and so far, so good! I have been a Mopar fanatic since I was 17 and have owned several Mopars in the past such as a '96 Dodge Avenger, an '04 Dodge Neon, and my prize jewel which I still own--1971 Plymouth Roadrunner. Now, with a family, I decided to get a more family vehicle, but with a bit of a stylish appeal and the Nitro just seemed to be the right vehicle.

I got my Nitro R/T without the 4x4 :mad:, but I did get alot of other bells and whistles: sunroof, that special grill, full electronics (the fancy DVD/CD disc changer with Sirius radio, u-connect, bluetooth phone, etc..), Infinity speaker system, engine remote start, yaddah yaddah...

I would have loved to have the 4x4 but they wanted an addition $4K for it so I passed on it. Anyway, I am looking forward to learning alot from everyone here and also hope to learn what cool mods I can do (without voiding my warranty, of course).



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welcome, congrats and GREAT color choice!!
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