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Hey, so this is my first post and it seemed fitting to start with a doozie. I have an 08 4.0l RT 4x4. I work in the bush a lot so I've installed skid plates from the liberty underneath to save my oil filter from being torn off. Anyways, I was out hunting a few days back when my oil light came on. I stopped had a look underneath and sure as shit somehow a rock got up past my skid plates and punctured my oil pan! What a piss off!! I managed to jam some epoxy in the hole to seal it up till I got home and now not exactly sure what avenue to follow next. It's a small hole, about 2cm squared, and was thinking of just getting it to a shop to have the hole welded up. I'd change out the pan, but the quote I got was almost a grand (Canadian) for a new one, not to mention the amount of work it'd take to get the old one out. I'm guessing I'd have to lift the motor to pull the pan off, eh? Any ideas, fellas???!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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