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Hood Gas Shock Lift Mod Thanks and CAUTION

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Thanks to:
Rbnsal for doing it first.
AirJunky for drafting bracket fab pic's and searching for the best shock.
HVN for the bracket re-design and searching for the best shock.
canadianlimey for fabricating the brackets for our members that lack time or skills needed.
Anyone else that has been a part of this project that I may have missed.

***CAUTION*** Make sure when lifting the hood you lift it ALL the way so it doesn't surprise you :thk: Don't ask how I know just DO IT!!!

Here's a few pics of my completed install.

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Aha, sounds like someone didn't open it all the way and it came down a hit them on the head...:( I almost did the same thing.
On the same lines though, here's a question for the guys who have done this mod.
If you take your vehicle in to be serviced and the hood came down and hit the technician on the head causing injury, could he sue you for damages because of your aftermarket mod??
This is something Waldorf and myself were talking about when we met up yesterday and we came to the conclusion (not being lawyers) that as long as you leave the original prop in place and they don't use it then they are not working safely and there's no come back on the owner.
Any thoughts on this? Any lawyers out there to give advice?

The R/T looks good by the way.
I didn't remove the original prop rod. And my dealer hasn't even noticed the shocks even though they have worked on it twice.
Same here, it went in for the recall and they said nothing but my regular guy at JiffyLube said "good one". Go figure!!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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