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Hoooooly COW! Its HERE! Lend me some money!

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Alright... Oct 26th.. on my way camping for the weekend... Girl comes across the center line and TOTALs my poor Vue. Sooooo.. guess what? I need a new car. My brother comes down that weekend to help me out. says, hey, you should check out the Nitro's.. Lifetime warranty on drive-train.. cool looks.. etc, etc. Okay, I do that. I check them out. I check out this forum. I test drive an RT... and Two weeks ago, I go for it. I order one from the factory. Wait time? 4 - 6 weeks, right? Nah, baby, nah! I just got off the phone with the internet sales guy. "Dennis, guess what? Your Nitro is here!!"

HOLY COW! Two weeks!! Cool! Except, I haven't gotten the check for my Vue yet.. so no down payment!!! I CAN'T GO PICK UP MY INFERNO RED RT WITH EVERYTHING BUT THE SUNROOF ON IT AND WITH 2 MILES ON THE ODOMETER!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGG! *sigh* My baby just sits there at the dealer.

Now, the GOOD news is the insurance adjuster left a voice my on my cell phone on Wednesday saying everything was a go as far as the claim for payment on the Vue. So... A check SHOULD be in the mail and maybe here tomorrow or hopefully by Monday at the latest.

Unless, of course, one of you kind, nice, rich people want to gift me the downpayment ahead of time?? *wink wink*

OMG, I can't believe its here already. *sigh*
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