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Hoping to buy soon questions

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:Racing: I found an electric blue sxt that I think I have to have:ura1:<---:loser1:

Just wandering what you fellow Nitro owners think of yours since thier still fairly new and I still don't see that many around.
When I test drove one, the dealer filled it up with gas and I drove it for a day, mostly town, very little highway. I calculated 21mpg when I filled it up before returning it:Banana01: :pepper: I was very impressed considering in my trailblazer I would have only gotten about 10mpg same drive.

What kind of mileage have you all been getting with your Nitros. I don't grandma drive (no offense meant) and I don't hotrod either (unless I'm running late)

Are these comfortable on trips?
Do they seem to be reliable?
Is their a lift available, for future mods.

Thanks for any info. I sure am looking forward to be apart of this forum.
:wave: Have a great evening everyone!!!!:wave:
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Happy with mine

So far almost 3 weeks getting about 13 to 14 around town and 20 to 21 on the highway . Its been good on the road ,quiet and stable no real problems so far. hope you make the plunge :wave:
Welcome to the site enjoy, Think you will be happy with a Nitro, not too big ,not too small, just right.:pepper:
so far so good

i got mine on feb 20th and so far have been getting about 15 to 17 around town and when going to see daughter living south of us 25 miles and seeing mom today in nursing home 40 miles away have been averaging 20 with the cruise control locked on 60. not bad at all

so far i have about 1,600 miles on it and love it. i also have had several comments about it looks o
Welcome to the forum,
My mileage is around 16 in town and on a trip to the other side of the state I got around 22 mpg going a steady 70. I have seen an increase in gas mileage lately.

That blue is a very pretty colour!
Thanks for replies!!!

Thank you all for your replies. I didn't realize they had so many different options. I'm still trying to get the lot to give me more for my trailblazer. I wish I would have cruised the dodge lot before I bought it.:mad: I might have to wait for my next pay raise to get it and just have both.:beerchug:
I'm still thinking I drove a good one if it got 21 mpg. city. Might have to take it for an interstate test drive.:thk: :cool: ...

Thanks again....:wavey:
Can't wait to be cruisen in style.......:Racing:
I've noticed an increase of gas mileage too. I'm at about 18 city and 22 highway, much better the the 2500 ram i had at about 8mpg. so dump the chevy and grab life by the horns. :Racing:
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