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2007, R/T 4.0 Liter, Black, 2WD
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Well it's been 3 whole years since I first signed up to this forum. I ended up getting the Nitro, 2007 R/T 4.0 liter and other than self inflicted wounds, it has been a great vehicle up until now. I'm having what I can only think of being a TIPM issue. We began hearing the horn honking from the parking garage and it eventually would honk while driving, disconnected the horn and then i noticed that my battery would be drained every morning. Local dealership service departments have been closed due to covid so I purchased a mobile jump box to help start the truck when battery would get drained. The battery finally couldn't take anymore so I had it replaced and finally got a chance to take it to the dealership. This was a waste of time: Invoice Reads: Tried to pull schematics on this unit. Was not able to go that far back due to age of unit. I'm going to do more research to see if either I can fix or find someone locally that can tackle this issue.

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Yep, sounds like a TIPM bit the dust.
That was quite the line they gave you.
Snag one from a recycler and pop it in there.
Always disconnect Neg (-) battery cable first, then Pos (+) battery cable, reconnect Pos (+) battery cable first, then Neg (-) battery cable!
After install, key to on, wait 12 seconds(Do not try to start!)
Key off, removed key, insert key and start it.
Then if anything does not work, a dealer can program VIN specific info into it.
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