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How About a Woodie?

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Too bad Dodge doesn't have a woodie option. I think a Nitro Woodie would ROCK!!! Check out the pics and imagine a Nitro...
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Too bad Dodge doesn't have a woodie option. I think a Nitro Woodie would ROCK!!! Check out the pics and imagine a Nitro...
You know the only thing that's tricky about a today's Woody is the addition of all the trim moldings. The woodgrain is just special contact paper. I put it on a couple vehiles when I owned my body shops... a van and a station wagon and both were Chrysler products.

You never know Dodge might do a Nitro someday. But I think there's a lot better chance they'll just expand the color pallet... Hey, what about a factory two-tone!!!:D
MamaLoca......great job! That just cracks me up seeing that. :SHOCKED:
Exactly.... I think we found a Photoshop expert.
Nice shoppin, mama! :Banana01:

I've done a couple of these myself, just to see what features I'd like to do for real. I tried to add a grille guard on the front.... looked horrible.
Recently I thought about doing a 2 tone paint job. Mine is already khaki, so to add black seems like it would look pretty cool.
Limited edition Woodie might be alright Mama's looks pretty good. but to my mind AirJunky's two tone is more to my liking, green would also look good with the khaki.:cool:
You guys keep modifing the pics. I started a picture folder to save all the modifications. Looking good. I really think there should be a seperate thread for such pics in the forum. Somebody............

It seems like wherever I go that all the younger crowd wants to stop me and ask me about my nitro.

One question I have heard from this younger crowd more than once is this: "Is there a Woodie version?"

Is it revival time?
Hey Mama,

You able to "woodify" around the doors and toward the upper back as in the first woodie picture. Seems to me, that could really make me want to "woodify" my baby!

One of my hobbies is scrolling.
Here is pic of my Nitro

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Wow, Mama, nice work! I could easily fall for a Nitro like that (wonder how that would look on my Khaki) :D .

Thanks for sharing your creativity and expertise!
Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about...
Like this?

This is just brilliant; Whoever develops a 3M wrap for this first is gonna make a pile of dough........
Looks like someone is thinkin they like the idea too. This was at SEMA a few years ago:

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Nitro Woodie

I mentioned to my wife that I might just get me a Nitro woodie....

She just smiled and said: "Honey, you come up with any kinda woodie, and I'm there".....:woohoo:
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