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How far you want to drive for a Nitromeeting?

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To all the European members:

How far do you want to drive for the European Nitro meeting in 2008?

Is Strasbourgh, Disneyland Paris or Brussels an option for you?

Any other suggestions, questions?
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European Meeting 3....our american Nitro friends will laugh to teardrops (oops, i translate a french expression).

This day, i saw 2 Nitros around my town. One black with 2 light gray stripes (Viper Style), and another red one.

For a few days, i saw, just across the street, a white one, which comes from around Paris. We stay, waiting for green, and flash lights to congrat. WAs fun.
doesn't sound too promising! There will be a meeting of 3 Nitro's in NC in a few weeks!

sorry you aren't getting that big of a turn out (interest) at this point. maybe it will pick up next spring.
Yes, I agree Blue man. Lets wait some months and see w'hat happens.
you saw what happened in Cali when they tried to get ameeting going to possibly form a club. it happens, you just have to keep trying and the interest will build.

1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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