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Hey all. In 2016, I got a 2011 with 46k .... fast forward to March almost April 2021 and it has 201k and going strong 馃挭 no major issues. I seem to go through brakes and calipers were sticking over the last 100k but we got that all sorted out now. I love this car. Not sure what I'm gonna do when it decides to go to the pearly gates lol. Hoping it last to 300 plus thousand 馃檹
Hello everyone. New to this site. Just purchased a 2010 Dodge Nitro with 49K Miles. Seems to be running very nicely going on day #5.

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Bought new - 2011 Heat 4x4 - 108,000 miles. Regular oil changes. Second set of brakes and third set of tires.

Recently replaced the serpentine belt. Even have the original battery straight out the factory, about 11 years old give or take. That's it... not a single repair. Runs like the day I bought it.

How many miles on your nitro? Any major repairs and at what point? Year? I'm at 95,000 just had a brand new transmission installed, 2007, hoping it still has plenty of life
My friend if you have a 3.7 those motors are trouble if you have a 4.0 at 100,000 miles around there get ready for the coil pack they're $50 a piece you need six of them replace the water pump and the timing belt at 100,000 miles get ready I got 110,000 I just replaced all that stuff you're also might run into a sense of problem with your catalytic converters there are no catalytic converters right now with the California emissions so in order to trick that change your back sensors past the converter if you have that problem at 100,000 miles

Bought new - 2011 Heat 4x4 - 108,000 miles. Regular oil changes. Second set of brakes and third set of tires.

Recently replaced the serpentine belt. Even have the original battery straight out the factory, about 11 years old give or take. That's it... not a single repair. Runs like the day I bought it.
Get ready at 100,000 miles you're going to need coil pack timing belt and water pump just did all that stuff you're going to need it I hope you don't have a 3.7 because they're junk I have a 4.0 also you're going to run into a catalytic converter issue talk to your mechanic about trick sensors behind the converter I have to deal with catalytic catalytic converters and they're $1,400 a piece for my nitro I have 110,000 mi love my nitro wouldn't trade it for nothing but those are the problems you're going to see soon blessings to you

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Has anyone put on more than 3500 miles on a single trip? May hit close to 3800. I may do it this summer.
4800 miles So Cal to Lake Louise in BC. Diverter door inoperable in heat position (Death Valley @115 degrees) Simple fix for plug connection at servo motor under dash next to column on right side. 65,000 milage range.- 2 wheel drive.

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32.5 k. Miles ,52000 km, two water pumps, 4x4 selector switch, belt tensioner,
viscous fan clutch, no problems at all.

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I'm now knocking on the door of 170,000 miles, I made a commitment to keep the truck as a potential future classic and as it's no longer my daily runner plan to restore it gradually over funds and Wife allow :rolleyes:. Restoring it is a different matter all together than keeping it roadworthy, and the list of worn out or malfunctioning parts continues to grow. The amount of rust underneath is quite surprising and the rate it's munching through parts, I guess I have road salt to thank for most of it. Pinholes in the paintwork have also now bubbled into rust patches, and the clear coat on the top edges of doors is showing signs of blistering (tiny white spots). Interior plastics easily marked and scratched, and I give up with the drivers seat side bolster vinyl fabric splitting and cracking, not to mention the ridiculously high seat side shield design which catches anything in your back pocket as you dismount leading to the spring clip mounting snapping off. Squeaks all over the shop when driving over bumps are embarrassing and seemingly defying remedy.

Parts replaced:

  • Key fob button switches (circuit board repair)
  • Viscous fan hub
  • Front bearing hubs (3 sets)
  • Wheel speed sensors all round
  • Brakes all round (5 sets rotors and pads)
  • Parking brakes complete rebuild
  • Parking brake lever latest revision, and spring tab adjustment
  • Lower ball joints (front)
  • Power steering cooler matrix
  • A/C condenser
  • A/C compressor
  • Headlights (seal leaks allowing rain in)
  • Headlight OEM bulb holders melted (now using ceramic)
  • Coil packs (2 sets)
  • Engine bay wiring loom plastic trunking (heat damage leading to total disintegration)
  • TIPM
  • Numerous sensors around engine bay
  • Engine oil pan, gasket and pick up tube (rusted through)
  • Auto gearbox oil sump and filter (rusted through)
  • Water pump
  • ABS module
  • Rear track bar rusted through (not replaced yet)
  • Rear wheel bearings (now have play in them not replaced yet)
  • Drivers seat shield (replaced 3 of them, latest one now broken)
  • Drivers seat cushion cover side bolster now split and cracked again (replaced seat cushion cover twice) now no longer available.
  • Plastic roof rails lifted and cracked at front, replacement set now cracked at the rear (new set ready to go on once i've determined and strengthened stress points)
  • Windscreen (needs replacing as tiny stone marks all over from motorway driving and the high angle of the screen)
  • Front differential rear mounting shot (new one ready, just need to fit)
  • Front drivers door window control module
  • Catback exhaust failed MOT test due to the dreaded rust monster (custom stainless system installed), thankfully the custom system came with a lifetime guarantee as the tailbox fell off somewhere and replaced free of charge

etc etc etc...:(

These are just the parts replaced, not to mention hours and hours of fault finding tracing the gremlins that live in my truck, they have a nasty habit of appearing and disappearing all on their own. Like to random misfire issue that ran for about 6 months only to cure itself but only when running on petrol not on LPG, I put this down to a fuel trimming problem that went away.

I haven't added up the costs of this lot, but it probably adds up to the original cost of the vehicle if not twice that when adding true labour costs in.Thankfully most of the work I did myself :geek:, only resorting to the dealer/local engineers a couple of times...oh what i'd give to have a 4 post hydraulic lift :D

Best plan of action now is to keep mileage as low as possible, and get to a point where restoration is purely for cosmetic/ehancement reasons and not due to failure.

For anyone running a 3.7 petrol here in the UK worrying about petrol at the pumps changing to E10 in September, I have been running on E10 for months now with no side effects. The Government website states the dodge Nitro is a KJ and compatible, but it's not a KJ it's a KA...I assume the engine and fueling system is pretty much the same though.

...fingers crossed for the future 馃

p.s. I'd love to know what the differences are between the performance and sport suspensions? Mine is a performance suspension setup according to my build sheet, and need to plan for replacement parts fairly soon.

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Just bought my car yesterday. Only thing it needs at the moment is a HD for the MyGig.

Bought one used on ebay w/the 2018 map on it. Hope it lasts.
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