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How to get to high-beam indicator?

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Hi, all:

I'd like to access the high-beam indicator bulb. At least I am hoping it is a bulb (in the speedometer assy.).

It is way too bright and is blinding me while driving at night. I barely see the road, poorly lit by the crappy Nitro highbeams, from beyond that blue lamp intruding into my field of vision.

If that is indeed a bulb, I am going to spray it or cover with some filter material.

So, is it a bulb? If so, how do I get to it? Just reaching from under the kick-panel, or do I have to take half of the car apart?

Thanks in advance! Robert.
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My Fix - A small piece of static cling type of window tint designed for architectural use. Check your local home improvement store.

Just what I was looking for!

I'm bothered by the brightness of the ESP light, which also does not dim with the dashboard light control. That light is on ALL the time in MY rig, and I was trying to figure out something opaque I could cover it with.

I'll be checking that out next time I'm at Home Depot or Lowe's.

That indicator shouldn't be on all the time, only when it detects slippage from one or more of the wheels. Are your wheels slipping all the time?
Hiya .....

Naw, the indicator is on all the time, because the first thing I do is to deactivate the ESP ... I'm used to driving a Rear Wheel Drive vehicle (that's all I've ever owned) and don't like the ESP countering my actions.

Normally, yes, it flickers on as the ESP does its thing.
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