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HOW-TO: Removing Rear Nitro Emblems

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Note: This is just a simple walk-thru. I am not responsible for any damages caused while following these instructions so use at your own risk!

This guide is to remove the NITRO and/or SLT/SXT/R/T Emblem on the Rear of the Vehicle.

Talk about this mod here:

Difficulty Level: Low
Estimated Time: 30-45 Minutes

Tools Needed
  • Heat-gun or Hair dryer
  • Smooth shop towels/Kitchen hand-towel
  • Waxed dental floss (Any flavor :p)
  • Goo gone or WD40
  • Optional: Car Wax

Step 1: Head the desired emblem on high for a good 10+ minutes on high heat being sure emblem gets equal heat all over. Be patient, the longer you spend on this step the easier it will be later on.

Step 2: Cut off a nice long piece of dental floss and get a firm grip on it. Slide it under the emblem and pull it across firmly but carefully. Don't be afraid to exert good force on it. If its too hard keep heating it up to loosen the glue.

Step 3: Once you remove the logo the chances are there will be some residue left over. Use the Goo gone or WD40 to rub until all residue is gone. A putty knife inside of a towel can help out - just be careful.

Step 4: Clean the area with soapy water and you can optionally wax the area to get it nice and shiny :)



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