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Nice, thanks. I did this today. I did not figure out how to get the Fuel rail off without removing AC line (my AC line was different than this a little as you mentioned it might be) but the AC didn't work anyway so no big deal.
If I spent more time trying it may have been possible, but this made it easier in my case.
My symptom was, it ran fine until I turned it off and parked and restarted it. #1 Fuel injector failed when hot. It was fine after it sat a while.
Also, I did not reset codes with a scanner or anything but check engine light turned itself off after doing this, so I think that's a good sign it's all good now.
If it took you two hours to do this, then you are faster with the tools than me. It me a half hour to get the plastic clip off the connector to the air breather, and I disconnected the electrical to injectors after I broke the rail loose, the back right one was jammed in on the back side especially and did not seem possible to do without raising it a couple inches and moving forward.
Would recommend cleaning engine before doing better than I did, a leaf blower and a light brushing (not in that order) still left a bunch of goo around the injector holes that I could have knocked in the hole, I did use Q-tips around the holes like shown here, hopefully not much fell in if any, no problems so far. Thank again.
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