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How's the RT in the snow???

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For those of you that are able to play in the slushy and snowy roads how is the RT doing? I've heard the OE tires suck for those that have the Goodyear ones. I know the Goodyears that were on my Liberty were horrible.
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Gah, I feel ripped off! My R/T came with Goodyear Eagle RS-A, not Wrangler HP. I had Wrangler HP stock on my Cherokee Classic, and they were good for a stock all season tire. The Goodyear Eagle RS-A are good summer tires, but not that great in the snow. The 4WD makes up for it though, we had between 12" and 24" on Sunday night and Monday, and the traction control didn't kick in at all. Even at 55mph in 8" of unplowed snow it felt safe enough.
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