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I am so confused!

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Okay just for fun today I called around to sever dealerships and a couple had a Challenger in stock and were asking 10K markup. I called to one dealership and they said they had two and were also asking 10K markup. I made my other calls and called them back and then they said they didn't have any. WTF? I said two minutes ago you did, did you sell them? He said no we have only gotten in three and they were picked up already. Online it says they have them also. I was already upset so I asked if I could order the 2009 and he said they have already sold their allotment? What is he talking about? I again asked more tensely "I can't even order it?" He said they can only get in so many. I am so upset just because I know they are lying. When you order them the dealership is just used as a dropoff point you can order at one and pick up at another if you want to. When I was there before the Challengers were being shipped someone told me they had sold six already. I don't know who is lying but someone is. Just had to vent. I am dissapointed because I bought my Nitro there and got great service. Maybe I should just call and talk to my old salesperson. I might write an e-mail to them and let them know the stuff they are pulling.

I can't buy right now and that is why I called so I wouldn't waste somebody's time but I can't believe they don't know what is going on.

I had a few very undesirable words but after writing I calmed down and changed before I posted.

I just called to be curious I didn't want to have a heart attack.
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Okay after an e-mail to the General Manager I got it figured out. Apparently whoever I talked to was a dumbass because there are two on the showroom floor. He said I can't order the 2009's yet but I can put a deposit on them to get one and that they can order anything I want whenever I want. My old salesperson unfortunately is no longer there but he said next time I came in to ask for him. :smileup:

I wish I knew the idiots name who answered the phone so I could go in and say is "insert idiot's name" here. He walks over and says can I help you and I say no and leave.
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