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I did it again, but with help!

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Air intake is now installed!! This one was a bit more involved and yes, I did require some "man" work!!! The air box assembly did not want to come out, so my hubby had to use his big strong man arms to pull it out. The air sensor, well I had no idea how the heck that was supposed to come out so he took care of that (broke the plastic housing in the process so I am concerned on that one). The rest was easy enough, except for the a/c mounting bolt, way too tight so while he was helping me with the air box assembly he loosened that for me.

Putting it all back in was ok. I had extra parts, some washers, an extra bolt and a huge washer. I triple checked the instructions and didn't forget anything. Even had him double check me too. They didn't send enough nuts. The one bracket for the heat shield that fastens to the inner fender was missing the nut, so we had to improvise. Also, the intake tube is supposed to be secured to the mounting bracket which was bolted in with the a/c bolt, but there was no instructions for that at all! Hubby to the rescue again on that. He figured out that one and bolted it in.

Total install time for me was 2 1/2 hours. Had a couple of rain delays and I was going slow so I wouldn't mess up. Will be taking her out for a spin in a while. My only concern is the air temperature sensor and if it got damaged in the uninstall from the stock intake.
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my name is frank and I have a 2007 DOdge Nitro 3.L SXT 2wd, I like your set up, I have a question about the air temp sensor, I have been trying to locate can you advise me or send me a photo of the location so that I can replace my sensor the dealership wants $275. Also 2 things of interest since you have done alot to your Nitro,
1, do you have any experience on the keyless entry system.
2. being out of the Military and having cool friends, i have a piece of tech that has NOT come out in US civilian market.

I have a HUD( Heads Up Display) windshield system
In Total darkness no moon out my display can display the road like night vision but a little more clearly, display speed, veh info -car temp,gas level, GPS location.

My friends are trying to get it into US market trying to keep cost to approx$200-250
uses a wireless tech that plugs into your ecu with out damage and the display uses a 10v lithium rechargeable battery where you can use cigarette lighter to recharge.

the only problem but working on the glass tech is that if windshield is damaged, I mean spider web cracks that is huge in drivers view the display can overcome BUT if your are driving at night in the day visibility would be hard but he is working with some people from the solar panel community with better glass tech.I would like to consider you for trials when they get ready to do it, if you dont mind it would not cost you anything, just research data and your imput plus you keep the windshield.

if you could assist on the sensor

thank you
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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