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I did it again, but with help!

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Air intake is now installed!! This one was a bit more involved and yes, I did require some "man" work!!! The air box assembly did not want to come out, so my hubby had to use his big strong man arms to pull it out. The air sensor, well I had no idea how the heck that was supposed to come out so he took care of that (broke the plastic housing in the process so I am concerned on that one). The rest was easy enough, except for the a/c mounting bolt, way too tight so while he was helping me with the air box assembly he loosened that for me.

Putting it all back in was ok. I had extra parts, some washers, an extra bolt and a huge washer. I triple checked the instructions and didn't forget anything. Even had him double check me too. They didn't send enough nuts. The one bracket for the heat shield that fastens to the inner fender was missing the nut, so we had to improvise. Also, the intake tube is supposed to be secured to the mounting bracket which was bolted in with the a/c bolt, but there was no instructions for that at all! Hubby to the rescue again on that. He figured out that one and bolted it in.

Total install time for me was 2 1/2 hours. Had a couple of rain delays and I was going slow so I wouldn't mess up. Will be taking her out for a spin in a while. My only concern is the air temperature sensor and if it got damaged in the uninstall from the stock intake.
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Good job BJ :smileup: What's next? :confused:
Gosh, I dunno!! Running out of stuff to do! I already have a Magnaflow on her (thanks to my buddy mechanic!), cai, chip. I am thinking the padded center console and better headlights? I am going to be bored when I am done!!!
I've done a ton of stuff on mine, and still have a list as long as my arm that I want to do! Maybe you could do a backup camera, or illuminated door sills, or LED floor lighting, or illuminated cupholders (one of my upcoming projects), third brake light rams head (another of my projects), lambo door hinges, end links, lift kit, drop kit, headrest monitors, tinting, rear spoiler, and the list goes on and on.....
I am not going to rice rocket her out! Yuck!!! And if someone is dumb enough to be standing behind Blue with me at the wheel....well they deserve to be run over! Hey! But with the camera I could watch them get squashed!:chuckle:
The spoiler!! I forgot about that one!! I like how yours looks John! Sweet!! And I have a drill too!!!:D
Where did you buy your CAI from?
What was the price?
I want one for my 3.7 but im still browsing for the best deal!:rolleyes:

They had an after Thanksgiving special going on so I ended up getting mine for $228.95 ($246.69 with tax)
Glad to hear you worked it out.

A word of advice to all intalling intakes on both 3.7 & 4.0L:

When removing the IAT from the old intake hose, carfully cut 4 slits in the rubber and the IAT will pull easily out of the hose.

The IAT is very hard to pull out of the old hose and the tip of it is quite fragile.

Sorry this advice came too late for you BlueJet. At least I don't think a new IAT is that expensive.

Your old IAT may be fine depending where it is cracked. The critical area is that little blue blob on the tip that goes into the Intake tube. That is the thermistor and if that is cracked, you're going to get some problems.

The plastic protecting the sensor is what broke. He super glued it back together. The actual bulb was never touched. I did take it out for a drive, did some drag racing and slow driving. No check engine lights came on, so I am hoping that everything is fine.

I thought about cutting the sensor out of the stock tubing but he took it from me to try to get it out himself.

Thanks for the input. It may be too late for me but may help someone else down the road!:)
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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