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I think I found my noise & hood question

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a rattle under the hood in drive and stopped any higher rpms and it was gone, I finally had a few minutes to really look under the hood and found a electrical connector over the master brake cylinder that was loose and seemed to make the noise, I only had time to duct tape it for now. I did find something interesting, what looks like a mount for a strut to hold up the hood on both inside fenders. Is only the SXT equipped with the stupid prop rod?
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I have not been able to even see a R/T but the SLT's have prop hoods.... HEAVEY hoods... They should have thrown hydraulic arms on there. Every dodge car Ive had has had prop hoods... Not a big deal for most as the only time they see there engine is on a internet photo, but im always tinkering with stuff under there.
Much appreciated AirJunky!:pepper:
Yes thanks

:wave: Great work! a real craftsman!
Thanks guys. I hope the idea works for others as well as it has for me!
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