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I wanted to share with you guys a product that....

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really is effective. It's called 303 Products UV protectorant. I learned about it when I got an RV. Essentially, the vast majority of "ArmorAll" type protectorants use some form of silicone in their formulations which is NOT cool to use on especially your tires, and certain other items as they tend to cause other aggravating problems as they age. 303 Protectorant is a UV barrier coating with an SPF rating! It does make your tires look blacker to boot but without the slime. Kinda like a disappearing Coppertone for your rig. :D

This stuff is a little more expensive but IMO it's about the only way to go. And no, I don't own stock or work for this company.

You can get it at Camping World



ps. I use it copiously on my fender and other black exterior pieces, much less all interior pieces as well - except for seat fabric. Should help keep these things looking like new for years. It looks like they now sell it at certain auto parts stores too like Kragens.
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sounds good, I wonder if it's available in the Great White North? No not Russia or Finland! I mean Canada!!! :D
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