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I'm here :)

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A FEW PICTURES OF MY NEW BABY!!! JUST BROUGHT HER HOME. I've wanted one for a long time! I saw them before the dealerships had any. I've been going down to the local Dodge dealership and bugging them about when they were going to get one in for me to look at.
Now I only have a few pictures, but take in mind it's dark and rainy, but you know I'll have more pictures tomorrow morning as soon as the sun rises!
My fiancee owns a SRT10 Viper Truck and joined a Viper Truck forum. I signed up as a member on the Viper Truck and rather enjoyed meeting some of the people on the site! I couldn't believe I found one just for the Nitro!! That rocks!!!
I was just talking him to about different things I thought would be cool to get for my Nitro (chrome grill - nerf bars - and a few other things) - he didn't think they made stuff for the Nitro being so new and all. And I've already seen some of the stuff posted here that's available. I just may have to make him get a part time job to pay for my mods! (jk!)
:wave: :wave: :wave:
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Welcome to the site , should find all the mod info you need here & folks with the answers to all your ?.:pepper:
:wave:Hello my friend! Welcome to the forum for all the Nitro needs! I look forward to seeing those pics! Enjoy the site!!!
Welcome Turtle, look for my red SLT in the picture gallery, I have plenty of goodies all ready, chrome grille, tubular steps, gas cap cover, side mouldings, good luck with the nitro, you will love it
to you Turtle. You mentioned pics like you posted them. Where might that be?
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Well hello there! Welcome welcome welcome!:wavey:
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