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We bought our Nitro to haul groceries and dogs - and not in that order, but we knew we didn't want the dogs grapling for footing on that plastic, without putting some type of protective matting in the back when the seats were down. We considered many things, but ended up buying a package of those rubber squares that day care centers use in their facilities, that lock together around the four edges like a puzzle. One side is green (or blue, or red, or yellow) and the backs are grey - just the right shade of grey :D. So for 19.99, we were able to custom fit (cuts easily with scissors) the back of the Nitro with a mat that washes easily - is thick enough to withstand dog claws and can be rolled up and put in the garage when the Nitro is hauling people and not dogs. We bought ours at Sam's, in the office supplies area, if anyone is interested. We used duct tape on the underside to keep the pieces locked together more permanently. With three rows of 'blocks', there is enough overhang to protect the headrests on the folded back seats.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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