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i was debating between the inferno red and black i have had both red and black cars

i picked the black because it was a solid non metallic black (like on the ram)

i may have went with red if it was a bright non metallic red

but it was still a hard decision

but BLACK won out

:pepper: :pepper: :pepper:

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I have the blue and you're right, it is electric. I love this color in the shade but hate it in the sun.

Here's my $0.02 on this.

Black - if you like the monochromatic look like the R/T, black is the best. The black door handles, the black strip underneath the front fascia, and the black strips on the roof blend perfectly w/ the body. In any lighting, black is good. The negative is black is the hardest color to keep clean and dirt like salt grime really shows. Water spots, scratches, dust or any imperfection is easily seen in black but the good thing is you can't see the tar marks (you'll get these once in a while). Black to me is a high-maintenance color.

Inferno Red - my Liberty is inferno red. I really love this color when it's not in the sunlight. IMO, this red (I call it lipstick red) is the best red of all the Chrysler red paints. It's not ugly in sunlight but the deepness and beauty of the red really shows in the shade. Easier to keep clean than the black. I think the electric blue, sunburst orange and inferno red colors look better in the shade.

In fact the R/T is not really monochromatic. If you don't have a black R/T, the black door handles stand out.

My past Chrysler vehicles have either been black, silver, grey or khaki. I got bored w/ these colors and tried to go with something out of character. Blue and Red. I need to add a white car!
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