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info on grill install

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Just bought the T rex Billet grill . First off does anyone have it and how does it look and how is the quality. ( did not recieve mine yet) . And how easy is the grill to install . Need to bring to a shop or a task for the capable consumer? Also bought the Hood vents from (auto truck toys)for side of the hood. looks good in the book but on the truck looks like **** . They do not sit flush to the hood not a good purchase . Ruturning them today.
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I can't tell you how the TREX billet grill attaches, but I put on a Carriage Works bumper grille today and it was very simple and all the hardware required was included. The instructions were great and had colour photos too!

Did you happen to take pics of the vents on your Nitro before you returned them? Interested to see how they looked.
no problem, just wondering about that, but if they were that bad, there's no point, right? Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us, we can steer clear of those for sure!
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