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Today I fitted the adjustable air shocks I bought to have additional leveling on the rear.
I was already upgrading my full suspension with new parts and stuff.I added a lift At the rear and front of about 2.5”
For the rear lift I already looked into some air bags from a Grand Cherokee. But I had to cut and fabricate to much to make it fit.

So I looked into adjustable shocks and
Visited the company where I got my bigbrake kit from.
They had some air adjustable shocks.
Our stock rear shocks are 22” long and when collapsed 13” long.
The air adjustable shocks are 26” long and about 15,5” collapsed.
So with a 2.5” spring spacer I thought that must fit.
so today I installed all.

First I had to alter my lift spacer and milled the rear spring spacer so the old springisolator will fit beneath of the spacer so it will keep the spacer in its original position.
After that I milled the other side of the spacer so the springs fits on top of the spacer.
I had to do this because originally the lift kit is for a KJ Jeep liberty who uses a total different spacer compared to the KK liberty who can be used to our Nitro’s
After that I just unbolted the stock shocks and replaced them with adjustable air shocks.
Later on in my build I will add the air compressor what controls the rear air shocks additional ride hight.
990761CD-CAE8-4D87-BB92-2A2ACF60C127.jpeg 25961B32-8E3D-4E45-8E05-75581C315F1F.jpeg 1890B845-95E6-4A3B-8F26-2533D1F47FFF.jpeg 5F4A716D-D89D-47BD-A953-6DFB358064C8.jpeg 87EAE682-A9DC-4403-8ADA-BCB48BE5DAF1.jpeg 7A2B59B3-671C-4EE2-923E-2CBA69070950.jpeg


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