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I'm limited in what I can do with my mygig as far as upgrading to a custom system. I want to replace it with an all alpine system. I was in bestbuy tonight and was salivating over all the new stuff out there. I have a non nav mygig that's in EUC. Any one interested? Or can someone shoot me some info on how I can keep it and still upgrade to an amp, sub, and new door speakers all the way around? Any info is greatly appreciated.
What to you mean by EUC?

I also have a non Nav mygig, an RBZ. External Nav units, such as Garmin, have better software, and you can mount it in the top cubby, at eye level, where God intended a Nav unit to be. This is what I have done so far:

You can upgrade all of your speakers to the Mopar Kicker Upgrade kits. The front kit consists of a set for the doors and the dash, and the rear set is just for the doors. It will make your mygig sound 100 times better, for little money and they are plug and play - no adapters.

Here is the set for the rear doors. Notice in the picture that these are a full range speaker - there is a tweeter in the center. Part No. 77KICK10|Model:Nitro&hash=item51a8e3fd9b&vxp=mtr

Here is the set for the front. Notice in the picture that there is no tweeter in the door speaker - this is for bass and mids. The highs go to the tweeters in the dash. Part No. 77KICK15

As for a sub, this is my plan:

1. Kicker 10CVR82 8" Sub - purchased
2. Factory sub enclosure - purchased from a member on the forum
3. Kicker ZXRC remote Bass Control - purchased
4. Kicker 11ZX4001 Mono Amp for the sub - need to purchase
5. Right Rear Interior Panel with Sub Grill - need to purchase.

I plan on having Best Buy do my Sub install. I am going the Factory Route for my Sub, because I need my cargo area. There are many Sub Boxes available that just sit behind the rear seats. Many members on the forum have done this. Search the Gallery for pictures, or do a forum search: sub

Good luck, and let us know how you proceed.

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